The Supreme Stairway with an Insulated Trapdoor

This an exciting new addition to the range, designed specifically in response to the ever growing concerns about the need to conserve energy.

This unit has an insulated 62 mm thick sandwich trapdoor which is white coated to the underside. The insulation U-value of the trapdoor is 0,55 W/ m2K. It is also airtight (Class 4 tested), with the hatchbox having a rubber seal all the way around.

White coated mitre cut strips are provided ready to be pinned on the underside of the hatchbox.

Similarly, the Supreme stairway with weatherproof roof hatch is now available with an optional double seal and/or a larger upper cover. This larger upper cover would allow the customer to fit 80-120 mm of insulation on the outside of the portion of the hatchbox that extends above the roof upstand.

Thickness of insulation (mm) — U-value W/m2 K

40 mm —0,68 W/m2 K

80 mm —0,38 W/m2 K

100 mm —0,31 W/m2 K

For further detail on this and indeed the whole range including the Supreme with electrical operation, fire resistant trapdoors etc, please visit or telephone 0845 9000 195.

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