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Rockfon's new and improved catalogue is an essential reference for anyone wanting to specify sustainable ceiling solutions. Designed to help specifiers make practical choices, the catalogue is divided into three sections. The first helps you choose a product using design, performance and application criteria; the second provides specific product information on the entire Rockfon range and the final section presents the various installation options. With ever-increasing demand for more sustainable solutions, Rockfon has introduced a new ‘Sustainability’ segment within the Performance section. This takes a more in-depth look at the environmental performance of Rockfon products throughout their life cycle. Starting with an appraisal of the natural and renewable raw materials that go into a stone wool ceiling tile, it then outlines the manufacturing processes involved and how the Rockwool Group is working to limit its overall environmental impact. Once installed, Rockfon ceilings continue to help protect the environment, acting as an efficient CO2 insulating product. They are also ideal for thermal mass and thermal active building systems, with solutions that allow the air to circulate freely while still providing the required acoustic control. Thanks to the inorganic nature and water repellent properties of their stone wool core, Rockfon ceilings resist the growth of mould and harmful micro-organisms, contributing to a better indoor climate.

Details of Rockfon’s recycling schemes are also outlined in the new catalogue, along with an explanation of the importance of Environmental Product Declarations and the BRE Green Guide/BREEAM. Rockfon has recently undergone the stringent, independent BRE Life Cycle Analysis. The results concluded that a typical Rockfon stone wool ceiling tile (Certificate No. ENP 423) has the lowest Ecopoint score ever, when compared to all other ceiling tiles that have been evaluated and published to date.

To further assist specifiers in finding the best solution, the new catalogue includes greater detail on both sound absorption and sound insulation, making the science of acoustics even easier to understand. Performance characteristics, such as fire resistance, humidity and impact resistance, are also covered in more detail.

For anyone looking to specify a high performance, aesthetically pleasing, eco-friendly ceiling system, the new Rockfon catalogue is the ultimate resource. To request your copy call 0800 389 0314 or email

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