The soul of DOCA has always been in design

A fusion of stunning design, sculpture and crafted manufacture. The most exciting, unique, contemporary kitchen and bedroom furniture now in the UK. So many inspirational possibilities - perfection for prestigious projects.

In 1980, two friends José Luis Castell and Daniel Dolz opened a small furniture workshop in the fishing port of Vinaròs. It was the start of the story that has become the prestigious and iconic brand of  DOCA.

With a combination of expert carpentry, a passionate appreciation of raw materials and contemporary manufacturing techniques, the furniture produced in the early DOCA workshop seduced discerning clients across Spain who were looking for high quality, unique, innovative kitchen furniture.

The reputation of the business soon spread beyond Spain, and in 2006, with an investment of more than €20m, the business moved into purpose-built new premises nearby in Ulldecona. The new site of 25,000m² was fitted with the latest generation of manufacturing machines and equipped with a carpentry workshop, the basis that the business had built its reputation on.

The influential DOCA vision and style is now available in more than 20 countries around the World.

DOCA have essentially created their own artistic language to plan kitchens and bedrooms with beautiful furniture, their criteria are:

 • A perfect definition between volume and space  
 • Avant-garde design blended with functionality
 • Exceptional quality standards  

DOCA are held in very high regard for their quality, their variety of luxurious finishes and surfaces and their skill at manufacturing to any design. Positioned halfway between an industrial manufacturer but with the finish of an expert carpenter, it allows them to pay special attention to the finer details.

DOCA pride themselves on their meticulous research into the materials most suitable for their product and the end-user and to make their product exceptional in every way. 

Above all, DOCA is passionate about wood. They use extraordinary wood finishes as they love the warm emotional feeling that only wood can give.

They also continuously research and explore textures and colours and currently offer a wide range of over 250 materials and finishes.

Group BK have supplied and installed DOCA kitchens and bedrooms on several developments in London. With our years of experience in this market, Group BK can meet you, liaise, design with options and quote for your contract requirements within a short time span. As a leading player in the contract kitchens market at prestigious sites in London and throughout the UK, Group BK are ‘trusted to deliver’. We believe that by striving to exceed our customers’ expectations of service, we’ll be successful for many years to come.

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