The secret to secure parking

The AUTOPA Stealth Post is ideal for securing individual parking spaces, even in areas with heavy traffic. When raised, the Stealth Post is identical to any other AUTOPA Parking Post but when it is lowered, instead of resting on the surface, it lies below the ground in its own socket.

Installation Tips

The Stealth Post is our only ragged parking post and needs to be set using fresh concrete into a hole of at least 1200mm x 100mm x 400mm (l x d x w). Always install the Stealth Post on a flat surface and ensure that the socket is level before the concrete is poured.

Watch your step!

Make sure that the socket’s lid sits flush with the ground once installed to avoid creating a potential trip hazard.

Keep it clean!

When raised, the post locks into a recess within in the socket. Due to its location, this recess is a nightmare to clean once the post is installed, so make sure in it are no stones or concrete there before you install. (Trust us, the future owner will thank you for it!)

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