The Search Is On For The UK’s Oldest Dimplex Storage Heater

Dimplex, the market leader in electric heating solutions, is calling on the industry to help find its oldest storage heater still in operation.


Dimplex is at the forefront of technological advances in electric heating and is looking to swap the old for the new by replacing the UK’s oldest Dimplex storage heater with a Quantum heater, the new generation of energy storage technology.


Chris Stammers, marketing director at Dimplex, says: “We believe there are storage heaters from the 1970s still in good working use and it’s a testament to the technology that they have lasted this long.


“However, the Dimplex Quantum electric space heater represents one of the most significant innovations in electric storage heating in decades so it’s only fitting to offer an upgrade.


“We’re looking for the help of people in the trade to help us find the oldest working Dimplex storage heater so that we can bring whoever owns it into the 21st century and show the benefits of the latest energy efficient, easy-to-use technology.”


Designed and developed by Dimplex’s in-house team of experts, the Quantum heater uses off-peak tariffs for lower running costs – providing up to 22 per cent annual energy savings and 27 per cent annual running cost savings compared to other manually controlled static storage heaters.


With state-of-the-art design, Quantum allows householders to enjoy financial and environmental benefits both now and in the future. A true future-proof system, Quantum will continue to reduce in carbon emissions as the availability of low carbon electricity increases.


Complete with an easy-to-use electronic user interface with LCD display, users can set exact room temperatures to suit their needs. The system offers extremely rapid heat-up time while the soft-start, ultra-quiet fan guarantees minimum noise output.


If you or someone you know might have the UK’s oldest working Dimplex storage heater please email with your contact details and a photo of the product or model number (found on the rating label on the top, the side or lower front of the heater).

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