The RetroVent - heat recovery with a twist

Award winning ventilation manufacturer, EnviroVent, have developed the RetroVent, a through the wall single room heat recovery unit. This ingenious innovation uses the principals of thermal conduction found in early 20th century steam locomotives and adapts them to fit modern innovative technology. However, what really sets the RetroVent apart from the competition is the twisted design of the tubes inside the tubular heat exchange cell. This unique design allows the air to cyclone around the barrel, just like a corkscrew, a process which allows the air a longer period of contact through the cell, enabling it to build up a greater amount of thermal conductivity (heat) to return into the room. The RetroVent brings a new dimension in technology to the world of ventilation.

The RetroVent works by continuously extracting stale and moist air from the room it is installed in. The The RetroVent - heat recovery with a twist extracted air passes over the heat exchange cell. At the same time, fresh, filtered air is supplied across the cell and collects up to 89% of the heat from the extracted air. The contaminated, moist air is directed out to atmosphere, whilst the fresh, filtered and warmed air is returned into the room. This constant supply of clean, tempered air creates a healthy, ideal living environment whilst maintaining stable humidity levels free from condensation and mould.

The RetroVent is the result of EnviroVent’s intense research and development process, combined with rigorous testing, in order to meet the demands of both the retrofit and the new build construction industry. As a single room though the wall heat recovery unit, the RetroVent is suitable for different wall thicknesses, available in a 100mm version, ideal for bathrooms and WCs, and a 150mm version for kitchens, utility rooms and small office applications.

 Easy to install and maintain, the RetroVent comes with an automatic summer by-pass and an intelligent, energy efficient humidity tracker as standard. The application is designed to last the life span of the building it is installed in and is fitted with recyclable components – all backed up by a 5 year guarantee.

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