The Renewable Energy Association brings the Renewable Heat Lobby and MPs together beneath 21ft Solar Powered Balloon Tomorrow, 12th October 2010
College Green, opposite the Houses of Parliament

The REA will be joining MPs and green campaigners, beneath a 21ft solar-powered hot air balloon, to demonstrate support for renewable heat for businesses and homes.

Along with farmers and businesses and many other organisations, MPs will be calling on the Government to honour its promise to bring in Renewable Heat Tariffs to encourage people to switch to planet-friendly heating.

During the last Government all parties pledged to introduce this incentive in April 2011, but delay and uncertainty is already damaging the UK's infant renewable heat industry.

REA's Chief Executive, Gaynor Hartnell will be available and will be joined by senior representatives from The Co-operative, Friends of the Earth, PCS Union, Country Land and Business Association and others. 

Key facts: 

  • Heating is responsible for almost half (47 per cent) of the UK’s climate-changing emissions, mostly from space and water heating in homes and workplaces.
  • The Renewable Heat Incentive could cut carbon emissions by 60 million tonnes in a decade – that’s the equivalent of taking almost 2.5 million cars off the road every year for ten years.
  • The UK is committed to producing 12 per cent of heat from renewable sources by 2020 – it is currently just 1 per cent.

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