The Performance Timber Products Group

The Performance Timber Products Group (PTP) today announces a major investment programme that sees the reorganisation of the brands within The Performance Window Group (PWG) from 1 January 2012. 

PWG will encompass the leading timber window brands of Essex-based Mumford & Wood and the Oxford-based, Dale Windows and Clearwood (UK).  PWG will operate as one business, with a sales and marketing team supporting each brand by providing focus in their respective market sectors.

Simon Howard, the present Managing Director of Mumford & Wood, will become Managing Director of PWG while Mr Christopher Brunsdon, currently Managing Director of, will take the new role of PWG Sales & Marketing Director.

The move follows intensive investment and development of dynamic systems to provide on-line product configuration and pricing, applied to bespoke high quality timber windows and doors products.

These new tools already exist and are deployed in the, Dale Windows and The English Glasshouse brands and will be used for the Mumford & Wood brand in order to simplify and provide industry leading delivery lead times.

Investment in the Essex-based factories is being stepped up to match the expected sales growth from the exposure of the Mumford & Wood brand in the wider UK market.
“The strategic objective is to capitalise on our well established, enviable brands and in doing so release the energy and flexibility to focus on building group sales,” says Simon Howard.  “Under this structure we are capable of offering any customer a quality timber product, serviced through the most efficient channel to market appropriate to our customer’s needs.“

“We remain committed to manufacturing premium products here in the UK and in partnership with our talented and competitive European suppliers.  Together our comprehensive portfolio will satisfy the requirements of the UK market and our growing export business,” states Howard.  “We will continue our investment plan in progressive systems and processes which puts these desirable brands in a league of their own.”

PWG will establish the company’s Head Quarters in Tiptree, Essex, and will strengthen the teams in central services at this location.

Roy Wakeman, Chairman and Chief Executive of the PTP Group, believes that today’s restructuring of PWG, which commenced with the acquisition of Mumford & Wood in 2006, is a dynamic step towards the ambition to build a substantial timber fenestration group of well recognised brands that have synergy while maintaining their individuality.

The Performance Timber Products Group sales have grown from some £6m in 2006 to over £25m by the end of 2011.

“Our core customers are architects and premium house builders, trade sales which include the merchant and the installer, and the domestic end-user,” continues Simon Howard. “We will work closely together to provide the high level of service each sector requires, sharing knowledge and expertise, to ensure our customers make the right choice in product selection.

“I am very confident in our capacity to grow the PWG sales revenues and to adapt to market and economic conditions within, what we believe, is still a very fragmented industry. 

Our business model is based on exceptional customer service, lowest cost production, product innovation and meeting the market demands for sustainable building products.”

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