The New WELL (Water Efficiency Label)

In the era of smart homes with 'private spas', consumers, designers and tradespeople are interested in products offering the greatest level of comfort and convenience and yet lowest possible energy consumption. In future, these and other relevant product features will all be included on just one label, the new WELL - Water Efficiency Label.

In line with the European Commission proposals and with a view to providing the optimal orientation guide, the European valve industry has developed its WELL label with the customer in mind. This means that the energy consumption (hot water) of sink and shower fittings is now at the centre of the label. A comfort rating has also been added using clear symbols to indicate to users, designers and tradespeople additional product features, such as temperature control, timer control and noise level. This enhanced information content essentially distinguishes the new WELL label from all the other primarily national valve labelling systems currently in use across Europe.

By using WELL labels on their products, valve manufacturers will show their commitment to observing applicable European product standards. Manufacturer declarations will be verified by independent institutes in the form of annual sampling inspections. This means the consumer can be sure that the label and the labelled products will deliver what they promise.

The label can still be applied for via the internet platform

Consumers, designers and tradespeople can find out everything they need to know about the label on the easy to use platform, as well as valves meeting the sustainability requirement for their current or future bathroom.

The WELL label was developed by EUnited Valves, the European valve manufacturers' association; details of this can be found at where information regarding the label can also be requested. Download label:

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