Andrews has introduced a brand new family of Supa-Flo water heaters and Supa-Heat boilers, to be known as the SF60 and SH60, respectively. These new models take water heating and boiler technology well into the future, achieving a net efficiency of 103% and being available in seven outputs ranging from 142 to 539Kw. This extends Andrews’ ability to offer single high volume, low water content units with the benefit of high efficiency condensing operation above the 274 Kw options that were previously available.

The SF60 is a continuous flow gas-fired water heater designed to deliver large volumes of hot water for a variety of commercial and industrial applications ‘instantaneously’. Compatible buffer vessels are also available and often installed with these units in order to even out demand. This prevents ‘cycling’ and ensures maximum efficiency is maintained at all times.

The heat exchanger is constructed with stainless steel fin-tubes and stainless steel header manifolds, making it ideal for food preparation and processing applications. This water heater has recovery rates ranging from 2430 to 9230 litres/h, ΔT 50°C, virtually double the recovery capability of superseded models. In addition to the standard equipment, the SF60 comes with a gas filter and condense trap.

Also integrating much of the same groundbreaking technology into its design is the SH60 Condensing gas-fired boiler. Manufactured using similar high quality materials as the SF60 water heater, these boilers are of a compact design enabling easy access to the plant room. The heater has three separate heat exchangers that are either two or three pass exchangers and are constructed of 316 stainless steel fin tube. A built-in room-seal facility is standard. In addition all units are supplied with a primary UPS circulator, gas filter, 3 bar safety valve and condense trap. The standard control shows full operational and lockout status and can be interrogated by a laptop computer for full history status.

The SF/SH 60 water heaters and boilers have a downward firing blown gas pre-mix water-cooled burner that modulates fully between 20% and 100%, providing ultra low NOx and CO2 emissions. The high quality materials used not only optimise the unit’s performance but also ensure a longer life span and reduce any down time. The aesthetics are different from the other series of models in the Supa-Flo/ Supa-Heat ranges, with the flue running from the top of the appliance to assist with space saving in plant rooms. This offers an even greater selection of choices for our customers.

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