The new Illuminated Sheffield Cycle Stand from VELOPA

AUTOPA is proud to introduce its new Illuminated Sheffield Cycle Stand.

The perfect cycle storage solution, the new Illuminated Cycle Stand is based on the ever popular Sheffield Cycle Stand. Providing safe parking for up to two bicycles the hooped style is a favourite amongst cyclists as it allows both the wheel and the frame to be locked in place.

A 1.2w LED bulb is installed in the underside of the stand. The position of the bulb means that, unlike with overhead lighting, users will not have to lean between the stand and the light in order to use their cycle lock.

The low voltage bulb is IP64 rated and is perfect for outdoor installation. Two colour temperatures are available; a warm white 3000K bulb, and a bright white 5700K bulb.

The new Illuminated Sheffield Cycle Stand is available now. 

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