The new ECOSKID prefabricated condensing heating System from Baxi Commercial Division

Baxi Commercial Division launches the Ecoskid, a brand new prefabricated condensing heating system that extends the portfolio of high efficiency, low and zero carbon solutions. Designed to provide the market place with an easy to install, fully prefabricated heating solution, it is a development of the early non-condensing prefabricated heating system which it replaces and the MB Series modular condensing boiler option that will continue as a popular specifiers’ choice.

The key differentiator from a traditional prefabricated heating system solution is the capability to supply the Ecoskid with an integrated LZC solution, such as the Baxi Ecogen Micro CHP, or a direct- fired condensing water heater, for instance the stainless steel NEOflo from Andrews Water Heaters.  This new system can be based on either the condensing Paramount two 30-40, 60, 80, 95 and 115 or Sirius WH 50, 70, 90 and 110, limited to two boilers.

The Ecoskid Innovative Options

  • A hot water option which can be selected to provide either hot water priority for an external cylinder or heating only, with the Andrews Water Heaters NEOflo.
  • A micro-CHP option which is factory fitted with a Baxi Ecogen unit
The boilers complete with either silicon aluminium or stainless steel heat exchangers, are installed with all pipework, water and gas isolation valves, pressurisation unit with pressure switches and Class A low energy system pumps, on a robust powder coated frame.   A full system control panel is factory fitted including auto switches and alarms, and there is provision for BMS interface for alarms and controls or integral system control.   Electrical isolators are provided for each item of integrated equipment. 

The micro-CHP option incorporates an integral Ecogen CHP unit displacing the CO2 emissions associated with grid supplied electricity.  The control system automatically utilises the Ecogen as the lead boiler to maximise the carbon reduction associated with CHP technology.  The Ecogen provides 6kW thermal output at 1kW electrical output, with an additional 18kW thermal output from an additional burner, achieving 90% overall operating efficiency. 

The new Ecoskid is also available with a standard plate heat exchanger option for retrofit into old systems.

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