The new ALM3 speakers

Armour Home is pleased to announce the launch of the world’s first amplified in-ceiling speakers specifically designed to meet and surpass Building Regulations Part L (conservation of fuel and power).

The new ALM3 speakers, for use with Armour’s market leading Systemline Modular in-built entertainment system, are IPX5 rated for moisture proof capability and, therefore, for air tightness.

It is now recognised that 50% of the UK's carbon emissions are directly attributable to buildings. Part L of the new Building Regulations came into force to address this issue, requiring new dwellings to meet a minimum air tightness performance. For the architect and the developer, this means that any incision into the infrastructure of a building - for light switches, sockets, downlights and in-ceiling speakers for example – must be made air tight. Armour’s new ALM3 speakers are IPX5 rated and moisture proof to ensure that, when installed, no air leakage will take place.

In addition to their IPX5 rating, the ALM3 speakers also incorporate pivoting Titanium tweeters for enhanced audio performance and flexible installation through switchable infrared (IR) control through the speaker. This latter aspect is of particular interest to developers as it allows simple conversion between IR and non IR, depending on whether the speakers are being used with keypads or touch screen controls.

Armour Home Modular Sales Manager Adrian Ickeringill comments on the company’s latest innovation: “Whilst Armour Home’s existing speakers pass all current testing to Part L, it is our belief that this regulation will become more stringent in time. By installing the ALM3 speakers now a developer is not only ensuring he meets the current Building Regulations, but that his development is also likely to meet future demands also. This is certainly the feedback we have been getting from developers and this product was very much designed as a result of that.”.

Systemline Modular is available exclusively from Armour Home. For more information please go to or contact Armour on 01279 501111 /

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