The Mini retractable loft ladder is the ideal solution for small ceiling openings…

The Mini retractable loft ladder is specially designed for small ceiling openings. It is supplied as a ready to fit unit, with a space-saving ladder contained within an insulated wooden hatch box.
Manufactured from light-weight, durable aluminium components, the Mini is easy to operate yet still offers heavy duty performance. Capable of supporting loads of 150 kg per step, it is also tested to EN 14975 (DN 4570).  Furthermore, the Mini is available with a fire rated loft hatch (up to 60 minutes). It is, therefore, suitable for both domestic and commercial applications.
Key benefits at a glance…
    Space-saving loft ladder suitable for a small ceiling opening
    Lightweight and durable aluminium ladder
    Easy to operate due to spring-assisted operation
    Load capacity of 150 kg per step
    Hatch box trap door finished in white on both sides
    Minimal protrusion into loft space
    Insulated loft hatch, therefore helping to reduce energy costs

Standard sizes or made-to-measure
The Mini is available to buy from our website in a range of standard sizes. Opening lengths come in either 1100mm or 1200mm. While opening widths come in 600mm or 700mm. The standard sizes also cater for floor-to-ceiling heights between 2250mm and 2750mm.  As a result, the standard range of Mini loft ladders suits most applications.
However, the Mini retractable loft ladder can also be made-to-measure. As a result, you get a loft ladder to fit the exact dimensions of your ceiling opening and room height. This has the benefit of an optimum fit for easier installation and can avoid the need for costly ceiling alterations.

Quality assurance
The Mini retractable loft ladder is manufactured and tested in accordance with EN 14975 (DN 4570). It is also supplied with a 2-year full warranty and 10-year parts warranty.

Alternative retractable loft ladders from Premier Loft Ladders…
We have a comprehensive range of retractable loft ladders to choose from. Therefore, if the Mini is not what you are looking for then why not explore some of our other products.
The Piccolo loft ladder features the same space-saving, lightweight and durable concertina ladder mechanism as the Mini. However, it is supplied without a hatch. The easy to install Piccolo is, therefore, ideal for retrofit.
A heavy duty alternative is the Supreme. The Supreme heavy duty loft ladder has a load rating of 200kg per tread, hence it offers superb strength and durability.  It also benefits from a highly insulated loft hatch with a spring-assisted operation, requiring less than 3kg of operating force.

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