The Jurys Inn – and it backs Voltis for slashing power bills

Guests staying at a leading central Birmingham hotel will have little idea that they are supporting a business at the cutting edge of energy conservation.

For every time a guest flicks on a light, plugs in a computer or watches television at Jurys Inn, the electricity powering each and every device is managed by a breakthrough-technology voltage optimisation system that has reduced the hotel’s electrical load by 17%.

Jurys Inn is one of the first hotels in the country to take advantage of voltage optimisation technology but, as the UK’s greenest hotel group* it is no stranger to introducing green strategies to manage its environmental impact. And, following the success of the VO system at its Birmingham hotel, more sites are being considered for the technology.

Andrew Fletcher, managing director of energy conservation specialist Carbon Control was instrumental in converting Jurys Inn Birmingham to the benefits of voltage optimisation, and in particular Voltis, the most technologically advanced system on the market. Voltis is manufactured in the UK by Marshall Tufflex Energy Management.

“Jurys is a very well-informed client, with energy/cost savings and environmental concerns being major drivers for their business,” said Mr Fletcher. “The business produces very comprehensive monthly reports on energy consumption and I knew that by installing Voltis it could reduce power consumption by some 17%. Post installation we carried out a verification trial, measuring electrical consumption across a range of fan motors, most of which were also fitted with VSDs, the equipment for the trial having been specified by the hotel. We performed measurements under identical load conditions with and without Voltis operating. The results demonstrated that a saving of 16.96% was being achieved by Voltis. Jurys are very pleased with both the installation and reduction in electrical load that Voltis has delivered.”

Final installation and commissioning of the Voltis system took place on December 27, 2009 – the only day of the year the hotel was closed. The project comprised two 800Amp Voltis units, one serving each incoming supply derived from the two high voltage transformers on site. Work started at 8am and was completed by 4pm, including testing and post installation checks.

Quantifying the precise savings that Voltis has delivered for Jurys has proved more complex since the hotel has benefited from an increase in trade, added a new restaurant to the hotel and opened a central reservations call centre for the group on-site, all of which have increased demand for electricity.

For Mr Fletcher, Voltis is the only voltage optimisation system he is prepared to recommend to clients, as he explained: “I evaluated the majority of the VO systems in the market place and determined that Voltis was, and remains, the best product available. It is more technically advanced than competitors and Marshall Tufflex Energy Management has been very open in explaining how and why it works.

“One of Voltis’s main advantages is its automatic bypass/switch off function, which reverts the system to mains power if there is a problem with supply. Competitor systems don’t have this function, so if there is a fault within the power supply the first their customers will know about it is when power shuts down to the whole site. Voltis prevents this happening, which was a big deciding factor for me. I am delighted with my decision to install Voltis,” added Mr Fletcher.

The secret of Voltis’s success lies in its intelligent operation – it is the only system of its kind currently available in the UK and combines all the best features of standard, established VO systems and matches them with cutting-edge technology to produce a more robust and efficient offer.

In broad terms, Voltis delivers twice the power savings of standard competitor systems through the use of logic controlled multi-level auto-transformers, rather than older technology step transformers. These deliver a package of benefits on top of energy savings – Voltis evens out peaks and troughs as mains supply fluctuates and will switch to stand-by if mains supply dips too low or a ‘brown out’ occurs. It automatically rotates transformers in order to prevent overheating. Voltis is also a self-cooling system (either by fan or air conditioning built in), removing further the risk of overheating and failure, as can happen with standard units. By employing constant monitoring and adjustment, peak performance is maintained 24/7. If the system detects no power demand it switches off until demand returns and then, through multi-level transformers being intelligently controlled, steps in accordingly. If Voltis was installed in every business and commercial building in the UK it would cut power bills by between 17% and 25%, typically paying for itself within three years. Interest-free Carbon Trust loans are available to cover the cost of the investment. Jurys Inn is one of a growing number of UK businesses to benefit from the Voltis effect. Other installations include The Flambards Experience, in Helston, Cornwall, which saw its power bills drop by up to 18%. This installation is testament to the efficiency and security of supply that Voltis can provide – Flambards covers 27 acres, has a large number of attractions and rides and can cater for up to 8,000 people at any one time. During busy times in peak season its power requirements are massive.

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