The growing trend of the domestic elevator

Elevators have long been associated with retail and commercial environments, ever since the dawn of the multi-floored superstore. Becoming part of the furniture of glamorous hotels and extravagant foyers, elevators also hold a certain amount of glamour which can be enviable. It is the latter, as opposed to the former, which is likely to have had a partial impact on the growing trend of domestic home lifts.

However, to assume this is to ignore the lift’s primary purpose, which is of course to improve accessibility. Making access to other floors easier can have major implications on the improvement of the standards of someone’s life, particularly if they struggle when it comes to accessibility; take platform lifts for example - these serve the very specific purpose of meeting an individual’s access needs.

When it comes to the increasing trend of opting for a domestic home lift, which does of course include the platform lift, it mainly refers to more ‘standard’ lifts; i.e. the type you’d expect to see on an almost daily basis. There are numerous reasons as to the increase in the domestic lift trend, and as to why people are opting for this perceived luxury.

More Affordable

Firstly, let’s talk money. That’s what we’re all thinking; “surely they’re out of the average Joe’s price range?” Well, no actually! In the same way you can buy posh biscuits and more standard biscuits, so too can you buy more economical lifts. Equally, as with everything, from weddings to watches, you can opt for finance options, meaning that they are even more affordable. Not only are they more affordable, they...

Boost House Price

Whilst they’re on the increase, not everybody has a lift – therein lies the attraction. More than just an ostentatious feature, a domestic lift can push the price of your house up rather substantially. However, this is not only down to the obvious fact of it improving accessibility, it can actually be utilised in the same way as a fireplace; a unique focal point. Lifts aren’t rickety things running off steam-punk cogs any more, they are sleek machines that can ooze their own brand of style.

Range of Styles

However, whilst lifts may have their own style as a focal point, you shouldn’t assume that they aren’t malleable to your own unique brand of je ne sais quoi... Elevators aren’t audacious with their chic, in fact it is more that they are compact with an undercurrent style; and just which style, is up to you. They are very easily applied in conjunction with a particular style or design scheme, due to the sheer array there are on offer.


With the increasing range of options, the domestic lift trend increases. However it needn’t be down to the lift providers to generate all the designs, customers can in fact contribute their own bespoke offerings, so as to be even more committed to their own style upon its implementation. Equally, as lifts are becoming ever more malleable in their shapes and size, the range of places that they can be installed increases.

Less Bulky

One thing that people don’t consider when opting for a lift installation is the pit room. This is essentially the gap below the lift where it needs to rest when on the ground floor. With the onset of shrinking pit rooms – and the potential implementation of a ramp system so as to prevent the need for any pit installation – lifts are becoming easier to work around. Also, having no pit means no messy pit-installation, making it free from the need of undertaking any groundwork... which is all pretty convenient, isn’t it?

So not only are lifts less likely to cause you a hassle in your home-castle, they are proving more cost effective. Combined with the increase in range of styles, sizes and general malleability, it’s no wonder that people are leaning on lifts as a potential option for improving and meeting their individual access needs.

Elevators aren’t seen as elitist objects anymore, particularly with the practical purposes and staggering improvements they can make to a person’s life. So, don’t be hasty in dismissing the idea of lifting your home’s accessibility and elevating your way to the high life. They may just be your new favourite houseguest.

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