The Gentlemen Baristas coffee school

Informal education for everyone. Whether you are keen to get the most out of your coffee at home, or are looking to build upon your skills as a professional barista, at The Gentlemen Baristas we offer a range of courses from our Store Street school.

Introduction to coffee
From the cherry through to the cup, you will learn the fundamentals of what goes into making coffee. Hands on from the start, you will grind, taste and brew your way to a greater understanding of the techniques involved in getting the best out of the beans.

This course will cover:
• Cupping: learning to taste coffee and what to look for in flavour
• The difference ways in which coffees are processed
• How to get the most out of your equipment at home
• The origin of different coffee drinks
• Introduction to espresso
£75.00pp / 3 hour session

Homebrew class
People often spend a lot of money on coffee equipment, without ever taking the time to learn the basics. Whatever your home brew setup, we can teach you how to get the best out of it.

This course will cover:
• Cupping: Learning to taste coffee and what to look for in flavour
• The characteristics of various speciality coffees and their origins
• The difference between Arabica and Robusta and what to expect when tasting
• Brewing: Full immersion and drip methods.
• How agitation, ratio and temperature affect overall brew
• How temperature and cooling affect taste
• Understanding what to look for when buying coffee
£50.00pp / 2 hour session

Introduction to latte art
Ever wanted to Instagram your coffee but felt like a big blob of milk wouldn’t quite cut it in the increasingly competitive amateur coffee photography scene? Latte art is fun and looks great aesthetically, but it also makes for great practice when it comes to steaming well-textured milk that makes a great tasting coffee.

This course will cover:
• Introduction to milk: How it steams and how to achieve micro-foam.
• Correct angles and pouring techniques.
• Different designs: Hearts, Tulips and Rosettas.
£90.00pp / half-day

Advanced latte art
If you are a working barista, or just have some pre-existing experience with latte art and want to take it to a higher level, we offer a way to hone and perfect your skills.

This course will cover:
• Intensive practice. You will make lots of coffee during the session.
• Perfection of basic techniques and designs.
• Looking at achieving symmetry and tackling more advanced designs.
£90.00pp / half-day

Coffee masterclass half-day course
This course will cover:
• A brief history and introduction to coffee
• The Roasting Process
• The differences between Robusta and Arabica
• How to tamp correctly and why it’s important
• Espresso troubleshooting: good, bad and ugly
• Milk, alternative milk, and how to steam correctly
• Drink specifications: Latte, Cappuccino etc.
• Maintaining the machine: back flushing, cleanliness and close-down
£180.00pp – half-day

Coffee masterclass full-day course
This course will cover everything in the half day course, plus:
• Lunch included
• Introduction to grinder tech.
• How to dial in and brew ratios
• Ristrettos, Espressos & Lungos
• Length and temperature of extractions, and how this affects taste
• TDS – working out extraction percentage
• Single origin vs blends
• Roast Profiles
£300.00pp – full-day

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