The Environmental benefits of rooflights

With the introduction of recent building regulations, which address carbon emissions and aim to save energy and reduce power consumption in buildings, achieving compliance with this legislation is paramount, whether you’re updating an existing building or starting from scratch.

As a company, the environment is at the heart of what we do. To minimise the impact we can have on the environment, we:

  • Comply with all applicable laws and regulations concerning the environment
  • Have developed manufacturing processes that minimise, wherever possible, pollution risks to the environment
  • Reduce waste and encourage a, ‘re-use, recycle’ approach to our work
  • Encourage our suppliers, contractors and customers to adopt the same approach to the environment.

Updating old roof lights with new and improved technology, or installing roof lights where bulbs had previously been used, is a huge step in ensuring your building is environmentally friendly. A well-designed building that allows for plenty of natural daylight is key.

Reduce energy costs and carbon footprint

Roof lights can save energy, and reduce the total CO2 emissions from your building. This is because you reduce the need for artificial light, and the natural daylight that fills the building means the need for heating is reduced.

To find out more about our environmental policy and the benefits of replacing or installing roof lights and other lighting systems, visit our Contact page and get in touch. 

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