The best of both words: taking bespoke washroom construction off-site

With condensed timeframes on large-scale refurbishments and new builds alike becoming more common, efficient project scheduling is vital. Such scheduling, however, can mean having to work simultaneously around other trades, which adds to the pressure and increases the risk of mistakes being made, resulting in potentially costly delays.  

In response, Washroom Washroom has developed an off-site construction process which differs from the traditional modular off-site building model in that it allows scope for individually-manufactured washrooms incorporating bespoke elements. This ensures clients can benefit from the efficiency of off-site construction without compromising on the uniqueness of a washroom design.

Using this approach to off-site Washroom was able to fine-tune the washroom design before installation on site during a recent high profile Paddington office project. As part of this process, the team constructed an entire run of washrooms in its factory for the client to see and approve several months ahead of installation.

The full-size mock-ups, which were built to the exact site measurements, took into consideration the placement of existing windows, doors and lighting to create an accurate representation of the finished space. A photo was even taken looking out of the existing washroom window and this image was then blown up to the exact size of the window, allowing the client the opportunity to view the washroom as close to finished as possible and make any small changes to the design at this stage without risk of delaying the project as a whole.

On this particular project, Washroom’s full height Alto toilet cubicle doors were specified with a real wood veneer finish, which had to be stained to match the solid Douglas fir timber panelling in the reception area. Washroom took the lead on this and undertook several trials, adjusting the colour of the stain until a near-perfect match for the distinctive pale grey Douglas fir was achieved. This delicate process was undertaken off-site ahead of installation to save valuable time on site and reduce costly changes to the design at a later stage.

Once the design was approved, the washrooms were deconstructed and stored safely at the factory ready to be delivered to site exactly and only when required.

The reduced installation time and smoother delivery process leaves the way clear for other trades to work and allows installers the flexibility to work away from the confines of a busy construction site. In addition storing finished products or materials safely away from site reduces the risk of any accidental damage occurring prior to installation.   

When working with unusual and expensive materials such as the unique Douglas fir stained toilet cubicle doors and bespoke vanity units with cast polished concrete tops seen on this project, taking the time to make sure the design is perfect at the earliest stage is essential. Being able to create full-scale mock-ups is an invaluable tool to ensure the whole process is as efficient and cost-effective as possible.

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