BTicino, a Legrand Group company, has further enhanced its reputation as a developer of trend-setting products by launching the Axolute range of ultra-stylish door entry systems.

Designed with the intention of standing out from the crowd, the Axolute range combines cutting-edge appearance with hi-tech functionality. Its colour LCD display and selection of stunning finishes give it a distinctive look that can be personalised to suit any interior environment, while its range of user-friendly features – including hands free duplex speech and easy on-screen function management – ensure it’s simple and convenient to use in relation to other systems.

“Not only will Axolute take door entry systems to a whole new level in terms of appearance, user friendliness and functionality, but the flexibility of the range means it has the potential to corner the residential market,” explained BTicino market segment manager, Dave Watkins.

“For example, when used in conjunction with our new 2-wire digital technology, the system will have a maximum operable range of 600m between entry panel and handset and be able to support up to 3,900 apartments.”

BTicino is also developing the system so that it can operate with its Home Network solution – a development that would allow home owners to control an array of different functions and scenarios, such as lighting, alarms and electrical appliances, from the stylish Axolute unit.

“Homes are getting ever more sophisticated as more and more technologies are introduced, but the challenge facing developers is to ensure that the homeowner’s interface can evolve with the technology and is not off-putting to the end user – in terms of either style or ease of use,” explained Dave.

“Axolute has been specifically designed for the residential market and as a result provides the perfect solution not only for today’s access control requirements, but also those of tomorrow’s hi-tech homes.”

BTicino is a wholly owned subsidiary of Legrand – the world leader in products and systems for electrical installations and information networks. To find out more and order a copy of the new catalogue, call 0845 605 4333 or visit

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