The AMBlflo Air Source Heat Pump From Andrews

The AMBIflo air source heat pump from Andrews Water Heaters is a recent addition to an already impressive portfolio of LZC (Low to Zero Carbon) technologies and high efficiency water heating products. AMBIflo offers a solution for pre-heating mains cold water to support gas-fired water heaters in the production of domestic hot water. As a result, these units can significantly reduce carbon emissions and running costs within commercial and industrial buildings.


AMBIflo is available in two outputs, 16kW and 20kW. Each unit has a CoP (Co-efficient of Performance) of 3.9 and 3.2 respectively, when measured with an ambient air temperature of 2°C and a water temperature of 35°C. These measurements improve still further when the ambient air temperature increases to 7°C, whereby these models offer a CoP of 4.6 and 3.6 respectively.


Air source heat pumps capture the heat from the ambient air and use this to initiate and sustain a refrigeration cycle. Each AMBIflo unit consists of four main components; the evaporator, compressor, condenser and expansion valve.


Refrigerant is circulated around these components, changing state (temperature and pressure) in order to capture and transfer a maximum amount of natural heat energy from the air which is transferred into the potable water circuit via pre-heat indirect cylinder. The pre-heated cold inlet is then fed into a storage water heater, such as an Andrews MAXXflo gas-fired water heater. Consequently these water heaters, although already offering high efficiency levels, will require even less fuel to heat the water to optimum temperature.


The design of the AMBIflo offers impressive flexibility for installation, with plumbing connections available either left or right hand and anti-vibration mounts supplied as standard. The heat pump is intended for outdoor installation, as it is enclosed in a weatherproof steel casing. Each unit is a self-contained, one piece heat pump with a closed and pre-charged refrigeration circuit, ensuring there is no need for any external refrigerant pipework or refrigerant handling during installation.


As well as offering a high level of performance for the application of pre-heating domestic hot water, the AMBIflo air source heat pump can also be used as part of an underfloor space heating system.

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