The aesthetic and practical benefits of tiles for your project

Your choice of flooring needn't be merely a utilitarian one, servicing the practical needs of your business. Flooring can be the foundation from which the interior design is born. Every detail counts when it comes to interior design.

When deciding on a new floor, whether for a home or commercial property, it is of course important to consider the features of the building and how your selection may complement this, as well as addressing the potential for traffic and footfall. Tiles are not only practical, being durable and easy to maintain, but they are a wonderful avenue of style to harness and contribute to the overall aesthetics of any project.

Diversity and Versatility

One big advantage of using tiles is the sheer breadth of options available. Tile suppliers are increasingly offering a wide variety of shapes, colours and patterns, with tiles that can match any interior design– traditional or contemporary. The endless design options also mean that people can draw on styles from around the world.

Tiles are well-suited for most architectural styles; be it Mediterranean, Tuscan or inspired by the Art Deco movement, they can really serve to encapsulate the aura of a particular bespoke style. The sizes and shapes of tiles also make them ideal to enhance other features of a property, from cabinets to mirrors and windows.

Practicality of Design

Tiles lend themselves to a large array of design choices, allowing for truly unique projects. For example, tiles can be utilised to create continuity between the outdoors and an indoor space, helping to not only make a room look bigger, but adding a design cohesion across the project. Tiles can also imitate wood, so while wooden flooring looks naturally stunning, wooden imitation tiles can deliver a longevity that most natural wood simply cannot.

Furthermore, tiles can act as a financially achievable flooring solution for any project. Anyone can have the interior design of their dreams by opting for a flooring solution that allows them to stay within budget. Not only that, tiles can actually increase the value of a property; well-maintained and looked-after tiles continue to look attractive for a very long time.


Tiles are durable and sturdy. Even when placed in rooms with high levels of humidity, such as bathrooms, you don’t have to worry about moisture build-up – tiles can come into contact with a large quantity of water without deteriorating or becoming worn, unlike other types of flooring, such as wood.

Their waterproof nature has historically made them perfect for bathrooms and kitchens alike, however, increasingly, front rooms and even bedrooms are becoming more familiar with the benefits of opting for tiles.

Easy to Maintain

Glazed tiles are highly resistant to stains and when spillages occur they can be easily wiped clean - one of the many reasons why tiles are popular for kitchens and bathrooms. This also makes tiles one of the most sought-after flooring options out there, especially being so cost-effective.

Due to how easy they are to clean, as well as their physical properties, tiles are also hygienic. Their surfaces are so dense that they don’t allow microbes and other microorganisms to pierce through them – likewise, allergens can be easily wiped away.

Tiles are a smart choice for any property, possessing a timeless appeal. Their durability makes floor tiling perfect for areas with a lot of movement, being able to withstand high traffic without being easily damaged. Tiles can be considered something of a lifelong flooring solution, especially when properly maintained.

As a result of the benefits this floor solution offers interior design, it’s only natural that tiles are a perpetually popular flooring option. This demand means that there are continual developments in the way of design and innovation with tiles, meaning whatever your niche, whatever your style, there is sure to be a tile just perfect for your project.

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