Tesco Petrol Station, Hucknall, Nottinghamshire

This Tesco petrol filling station has a solar roof made up of 96 Sharp photovoltaic panels.

The solar roof generates around 12,500 units of clean electricity every year, enough to power 4 three-bedroom houses, make 600,000 slices of toast or do 5,500 loads of washing!

By generating its own clean electricity (approximately 12,700 kilowatt-hours of green energy per annum is expected to be generated), Tesco’s petrol filling station will prevent 5.5 tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions being released into the atmosphere each year.

Sharp polycrystalline silicon solar modules were chosen for this project as they can be easily fitted to metal frames to give an effective low cost rooftop mounting solution.

Installer: solarcentury
Project summary:
Date commissioned: 09/03/2004
Forecast kWh generation/year: 12,700.00
Technology: Solar PV
Panel area (m2): 1,248.00
Installation Type: Flat roof
Building integrated: No
System size (kWp) 15.84
Forecast CO2 saving/year(kg): 5,461

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