Tesco cuts carbon footprint with glulam store

Berwick-Upon-Tweed is the site for a new Tesco store setting high standards on both energy usage and sustainability, with the entire front of house area taking the form of a glulam frame manufactured and erected by B & K Structures.

The specialist company is supplying over 230 cubic metres of the engineered timber columns, beams and joists on behalf of main contractor and one of Tesco’s strategic partners, Patton Construction, while Harrogate based Smith Smalley Architects is the practice leading the design team. Fairhurst is the structural engineering consultant with which B & K Structures worked on assessing all the load conditions.

The Project Architects commented: “In line with Government targets, Tesco is trying to cut its carbon emissions by 25 per cent across its operations, and make other improvements, but it is attempting to achieve this well ahead of the deadlines and the Berwick-on-Tweed store is a major step in this process. It ticks a lot of the boxes on being more environmentally friendly.

“The store, opening in September 2010, features a laminated timber structure for the main shopping area for the customer, and a CHP (combined heat and power) system to reduce its electricity consumption. Utilizing a glulam structure fits very well with the design ethos because timber is a renewable resource that still offers very high performance. Further to this we had worked with B & K Structures on other retail projects in the past, and although those were steel, we were well acquainted with the company’s capabilities regarding engineered timber.”

Despite its innovative design elements, the Berwick-Upon-Tweed Tesco was completed to programme and on budget. The overall footprint of the store measures 54 by 57 metres with the portal frames being spaced at six metre intervals; offering a total sales space of 2300 square metres. The infill to the roof is also made up of glulam members carrying conventional decking.

Individual glulam elements feature section sizes from 80 x 240 mm purlins, up to 120 x 680 mm trusses, and individual units transported to site were up to 18 metres in length.

Also part of B & K Structures’ package for the Berwick-Upon-Tweed Tesco project was the design, manufacture and erection of a steel framed structured required for the goods handling, storage and other back of house facilities. This was because the roof to the service building had to carry far higher loads due to the installation of chillers, air handling units and other items of heavy mechanical plant.

Following the successfully completion of Berwick-Upon-Tweed, B & K Structures has won the contract to build another, even more advanced Tesco store that is expected to provide the template for a roll out across the country as the supermarket giant works to achieve is sustainability goals.

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