A project to analyse the needs of its UK customer base has led Polypipe Terrain to expand and update its HDPE product range. Now branded as Terrain Fuze, the BBA-certified, high-density polyethylene piping system provides a proven, modern solution for above-ground soil and waste drainage requirements. The move adds a number of new products to the Terrain portfolio, each one carefully designed and manufactured to meet the specific needs of the UK market and offer users maximum flexibility in the design and installation processes.

Terrain FUZE satisfies all relevant industry regulations and also provides excellent resistance to impact, abrasion, corrosion, chemical attack and extreme temperatures. Its light weight makes it easy to handle and quick to install, which produces resource savings for installers and contractors. It is fully compatible with Terrain’s PVC soil and waste system products and shares the benefit of offering a number of unique fittings which aid the installation process.

“As the largest British-owned and British-based plastic piping systems manufacturer, we are ideally placed to launch a product range such as Terrain Fuze, which has been designed very much with the home market in mind,” explains Sales and Marketing Director Adam Turk. “We have a long history in the UK and we have invested heavily in our manufacturing facilities here, so it makes excellent sense to introduce a product that satisfies the demands of our UK customers and which can help them conform with all the necessary UK standards and requirements.”

Terrain’s pre-fabrication service also allows customers to specify bespoke Terrain Fuze items which enable them to overcome project-specific issues and create the ideal soil and waste system for every application. This facility is especially beneficial where a particularly unusual configuration is required, or where large quantities of specific stack configurations are needed for large projects 

To add to the compatibility for UK applications, a range of passive fire protection products, branded Terrain Firetrap, has also been launched.  When used with Terrain Firetrap sleeves, Terrain Fuze achieves a four hour fire rating.

For more information on Polypipe Terrain please visit www.polypipe.com, call 01622 795200, or email commercialenquiries@polypipe.com

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