TeploTie is the Wall Tie of choice for Aston Homes’ latest sustainable dwelling

Ancon TeploTie wall ties have been installed by Aston Homes on Devon Cottage, a new super-insulated detached dwelling in Cookham Dean, Berkshire.

TeploTie forms part of Ancon’s low thermal conductivity wall tie range. These fixings improve the energy efficiency of masonry cavity walls by minimising thermal bridging. TeploTie is manufactured from basalt fibres and has a thermal conductivity of just 0.7W/mk.

The walls comprise traditional brickwork, a 260mm full-fill cavity and 140mm wide blockwork. Jeremy Caine, Managing Director of Aston Homes, says 

“We found two Ancon wall ties long enough to accommodate the wide cavity. One was the Ancon Two-Part Tie and the other was the basalt-fibre TeploTie which offers a lower thermal conductivity. The TeploTie is ideal for Devon Cottage’s overall energy-efficient design”.

The property is using masonry walls and concrete floors to provide thermal mass which will help maintain stable room temperatures. The brick façade also blends with the surrounding conservation area.

At Aston Homes we combine solid traditional building techniques with modern technology to create desirable properties that are built to last” says Jeremy. 

For more information on Ancon’s insulating wall ties and how they can improve a masonry wall’s thermal performance, please visit www.ancon.co.uk/LowConductor or call 0114 275 5224.

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