TeploTie Insulating Wall Ties
used in First Zero-Carbon Retrofit

Ancon TeploTie, the innovative low thermal conductivity Wall Tie, has been used in the UK’s first retrofit to achieve zero-carbon Level 6 of the Code for Sustainable Homes. TeploTie wall ties are ideal for retrofit projects as they can be resin-fixed into existing walls.

Improving the energy efficiency of our housing stock is essential if the UK is to make serious reductions to its carbon emissions. Architect John Christophers is confident the principles employed on this single dwelling could be replicated on a wider scale.

The project involved the refurbishment of the architect’s own semi-detached home, built in the 1840s with solid brick walls. The front elevation is internally insulated to preserve the original brickwork. The U-value of the walls is now 0.11W/mK2, 16 times better than before. Almost every thermal bridge was designed out, including all metal fixings.

TeploTie cavity wall ties are manufactured from extruded basalt fibres and have a thermal conductivity of just 0.7Wmk. They are exclusive to Ancon.

There were three key elements to the success of this project; these were creating a super-insulated envelope, achieving high airtightness levels and installing renewable energy systems.

For more information on TeploTie or Ancon’s other low thermal conductivity wall ties please call 0114 238 1 238 or visit www.ancon.co.uk/LowConductor.

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