TeleSeal10 – The ULTIMATE Seal

Introducing - Peace of mind for the homeowner and developer alike!

Listed in the top 10 complaints by new homeowners are leaky baths and showers along with the accompanying black mould growth.

After nine years of development, a DTI ‘SMART’ award, and the ‘Invention of the Year Award’, McComb Developments is proud to offer TeleSeal10 as a solution for movement around a bath or shower rim, which is cleverly designed to be permanent!

Eliminating the need to rely on silicone sealant, TeleSeal10 is a simple and unique multi part sealing system that can accommodate up to 10mm of vertical movement. The inter-locating parts clip together to form a simple sliding seal. TeleSeals uPVC strips are manufactured using a top grade UV stabilised compound that unlike silicone sealant does not support unsightly mould growth and won’t discolour with age.

TeleSeal10 has been designed as a solution to a long-term problem within the construction industry worldwide. For centuries movement in buildings has occurred, and as can be seen from recent devastating natural phenomena, will continue to be a factor of all building design for the foreseeable future. TeleSeal10 is revolutionary in its design as it allows components to move freely and independently of each other while retaining a barrier against water ingress.

Experience has shown that in constructions without a flexible water seal, damage to key structural components can be extensive resulting in extreme structural failure. These failures can be avoided if the symptoms are recognised in time but will often cause inconvenience and high repair cost’s. This further highlights the fact that TeleSeal10 is an affordable and invaluable product to developers, housing associations, homeowners and landlords around the world.

Teleseal is supplied complete with: strips, fixing adhesive and corner tabs in a single heat shrink pack, which has transformed the merchandising of this revolutionary product.

Please visit for more information on our award winning product and various distribution channels. Alternatively contact McComb Developments on +44 (0)1892 752060 to discuss your requirements in person.

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