Tekla structures modelling software integrates BeamClamp fixings from Kee Safety

Kee Safety has announced that its leading range of BeamClamp and BoxBolt steelwork fixing products are now integrated into Tekla Structures, an impressive piece of time-saving design software used by structural engineers across the globe.

Part of the Kee Safety Safe Fixings range, BeamClamp and BoxBolt fixings are an increasingly popular solution used to secure secondary and primary steelwork sections together in buildings without the need for drilling or welding on site. Tekla Structures is a modelling package which allows the engineer to build a realistic model of a building in a 3D environment and detail every aspect of its steelwork connections. In the past, BeamClamp fixings and BoxBolt hollow section connections were detailed manually outside the model. This new development will ensure that BeamClamp and BoxBolt products can be integrated as intelligent macros into the Tekla Structures package, allowing engineers to enter any loading details and even change the style of fixings to suit their preference.

Another major benefit is that BeamClamp fixings generally require a location plate/bracket to connect them to the steel sections. Previously, these fabrication drawings have been calculated manually. Now, they can be taken straight from the model, again saving time for engineers.

Also featured in the Tekla Structures package is Kee Safety’s FloorfixHT range which provides a fixing solution for chequer/durbar plate flooring. FloorfixHT allows the flooring to be secured to the supporting steelwork without the requirement for drilling into the existing structure or access to the underside of the floor.

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