TecLite – a revolution from Haddonstone

Haddonstone – the UK’s leading cast stone manufacturer - has launched a revolutionary new product to overcome rigid health and safety legislation in the construction industry. TecLite is also ideal for retro-fit, new build and timber frame projects.

Utilising thin wall construction and GRC technology, TecLite is thinner and therefore lighter than standard Haddonstone, making it easier to handle. TecLite is strong and versatile, and closely resembles traditional cast stone and natural stone in appearance.

TecLite can be used to achieve the same crisp detailing that has come to be expected from Haddonstone designs, and TecLite will initially be available in the same dimensions and designs as Haddonstone’s standard architectural components. Standard TecLite designs range from simple quoins and door and window surrounds to cappings, plinth courses and half columns.

Haddonstone specialise in creating custom made designs, from architects’ drawings or as copies of originals as part of restoration projects. TecLite can also be used for individual designs.

Traditional Haddonstone is made from a dry cast limestone mix which is packed into moulds to create an enormous range of shapes and designs. Each finished piece is vapour-cured overnight. The material is regularly tested to ensure a quality which easily exceeds the minimum specification of the United Kingdom Cast Stone Association, of which Haddonstone is a founding member.

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