Team UK Cycle for Energy at Hanse Haus Challenge

On Sunday 4th July, a team of cyclist from Hanse Haus UK travelled to Germany to take part in the Hanse Haus Energy Challenge.  In just 24 hours, the team of 5, cycling one at a time on indoor static bikes, managed to generate 37KW of energy, which is enough to run a 150m2 Hanse Haus certified passive house for one week, on average, throughout the year.

Competing against 9 other teams, Team UK, along with all cyclists navigated the computer simulated 670 kilometre course with inclines based on the Tour de France mountains.  “We were up against a very strong team of ironman specialists who stood up to ride in the highest gear possible.  They consistently produced an average of 750-1000 watts of energy per hour, which is a tremendous amount so we had no option but to match their efforts.  We kept this up for 16 hours, changing riders every 15 minutes under the gruelling pace.  In the end, when the other team crossed the finish line in 21.5 hours, we were just 20 kilometres behind them”, says Kelvin Price, team captain.

The challenge didn’t stop there though.  The cyclists then competed in a speed race to see what distance they could cover in the remaining 2.5 hours.  “We were under very difficult conditions – in temperatures of 38oC – but we rose to the challenge and won 1st place, 8.5 kilometres ahead of the ironman team.  That was a real highlight”, says Kelvin.

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