Tarkett sets a glowing example at Gateshead College

As part of a £60m investment in new campuses, Gateshead College has recently installed Tarkett’s Tapiflex 164 Acoustic vinyl in the restaurant of its new state-of-the-art Baltic Campus on Gateshead Quayside. Two shades of grey from the Matrix design range were used to create zoned areas: Matrix Phospho (with phosphorescent particles) in light grey denotes seating zones where all tables and chairs are located, while a mid grey defines a walkway through the space.

Danni Cruickshank, Interior Designer at Redbox Interiors, explained the choice: “Tapiflex Matrix was chosen for its acoustic properties for a potentially noisy space as well as its contemporary look. The light grey vinyl glows in the dark which we felt would be a unique effect within the space when the area is used for evening events.”

Tapiflex 164 has been developed specifically for all heavy traffic commercial areas and combines high sound reduction (19 dB) with excellent resistance to indentation (0.15mm). High-density closed-cell foam backing gives Tapiflex 164 its acoustic and shock absorbent properties, while the fibreglass layer gives dimensional stability and the solid homogeneous sheet provides high indentation and tear resistance.

The flooring’s 0.65mm PUR-reinforced PVC wear layer gives good resistance to abrasion and scuffing and also means less cleaning and maintenance needing no wax or polish throughout the flooring’s lifetime. Maintenance costs can be reduced by up to 30% and the built-in Sanitized treatment protects the floorcovering from premature ageing caused by microorganisms.

Forming a central focus for student life, the new restaurant blends with other social areas including a Japanese garden, a theatre, performance studios, spa, bistro and cafes, alongside cutting edge learning facilities and workshops, all set within world-class buildings. The choice of Matrix and Matrix Phospho designs, inspired by the digital world, fits well with the contemporary image of the new campus.

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