Tarkett Marley Floors Adding a New Dimension to Education

In 2006 Tarkett Marley Floors was specified to supply the flooring throughout a new build school in Boldon, South Tyneside. The school was designed to meet the highest standards both in terms of layout and material specification as it caters not only for 1050 pupils but is also available as a community facility outside of school hours.

Throughout the main school Veneto Linoleum xf was chosen because it is extremely hard wearing and being a natural product can demonstrate good environmental credentials. Linoleum xf is a new generation linoleum, which has a new surface treatment called X-treme xf finish that reduces the cleaning and care effort for the linoleum dramatically. The new surface protection offers not only excellent resistance against abrasion, stains and chemicals, but also allows for a reduction of maintenance costs by up to 30%.

Initial care such as waxing or polishing is not required and in the long term the costs for water, detergents and energy are reduced by 50%. Veneto Linoleum xf also offers a wide colour palette, which helped with the building zoning. Different colours were used to identify the main access routes in and out of the building, as well as key locations within the building to help pupils navigate their way around.

Within the sports centre the specification changed to a Tapiflex 244 finish. Tapiflex is an acoustic vinyl flooring, which has been developed for areas where heavy traffic is anticipated. It has also been created to be flooring that is seen and not heard. Carefully selected patterns and colours satisfy the eye’s requirement for beautiful design, while the unique impact sound reduction properties give the flooring its excellent acoustic performance. Cushioned vinyl Tapiflex 244 was also used in the science laboratories. This provided the suitable chemical resistant flooring required and still provided an acoustic barrier helping with overall noise control. In the art rooms, in the areas adjacent to the sinks and within the pottery area, Marley Safetred Universal PU was used. Safetred Universal PU is a tough, durable, slip-resistant floorcovering incorporating silicon carbide, graphite and flint granules that provide both long lasting anti-slip properties and a pleasing visual effect. It was used to provide a superior anti-slip finish when either wet or dry. It is available in a broad spectrum of colours, which meant it was easy to use to provide a defined visual change to the different areas. The new polyurethane surface protection also greatly reduces maintenance costs.

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