Tarkett launch New Safetred Dimension Wood PU

A safety flooring with the beauty of wood

Safetred Dimension Wood PU is the latest development in safety flooring from Tarkett. Ideal for commercial areas such as healthcare and schools, Safetred Dimension Wood PU contains the warmth and beauty of wood whilst remaining safe underfoot.

As the only safety wood flooring on the market available in a wider width of 2m, it is perfect for larger commercial projects. Flexible and easy to install, Safetred Dimension Wood PU can be installed quicker with fewer joins.

Sustainable slip resistance is guaranteed throughout the product life allowing peace of mind for years to come. Ideal for Care Homes where safety underfoot is necessary and where wheelchairs can also benefit from the slip resistant qualities. A key consideration for specifiers is to find a balance between safety underfoot and a warm, attractive appearance. Safetred Dimension Wood PU is functional in terms of performance, long lasting and aesthetically homely, providing all the qualities needed for a safety flooring whilst not appearing institutional.

The polyurethane PU surface protection allows for improved stain resistance and ease of maintenance, significantly reducing the cost of cleaning materials and staffing time. Heavy foot traffic areas can often leave floors with scuffs and marks, especially in Care Homes where wheelchairs and aid equipment are used. However, Tarketts’ PU surface is tough and durable and keeps surfaces clean and mark free for longer.

Dedicated to improving the environment, Tarkett has developed Safetred Dimension Wood PU, a sustainable flooring solution with 25% recycled material content. This reduces the exhaustion of raw materials and also reduces energy, water and chemical consumption due to the PU protection surface. Another example of Environmental Intelligence by Tarkett where products have been developed produced and handled with the environment and sustainability in mind.

Available in a choice of six attractive wood effect finishes, such as Maple and Natural Oak; Safetred Dimension Wood is the ideal choice for specifiers looking to use flooring that has all the qualities of real wood and also all the qualities of a safety floor.

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