Tapworks is heading for the Energy Event 2010 with a message for the UK! Hard water doesn’t need to cost you!

Many businesses in the UK are suffering hugely from the side effects of hard water coming through their water mains. Limescale build-up can wreck heating systems and causes chaos for plant and machinery that relies on water – things like industrial washing machines are prime targets for limescale build up.

Untreated limescale simply means wasting energy, wasting money and having to replace appliances, machinery and heating systems earlier than you should have to. The most welcome benefit of having softened water on your premises is the immediate reductions in energy bills – 15%-20% is commonplace, often more – an immediate reduction in carbon emissions and importantly to many businesses, having a water softener installed will significantly reduce maintenance costs.

Once installed they are really simple to use and maintain. All you need to do is occasionally add salt to aid the regeneration process. Tapworks water softeners come in a range of different sizes – there’s a Tapworks softener for any requirement from a small domestic unit to a large commercial softener system.

Visit the Tapworks team on stand 18, visit www.tapworks.co.uk, or call 01494 480621 for information.

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