Tanalith E protection goes on and on

Tanalith E wood preservative from Arch Timber Protection is protecting what could be the world’s longest continuous timber bench. Manufactured from locally sourced beech and pine the new bench runs around an island park in Bulgaria. It is 1111 metres long and can seat over 2000 people.

Uvix Impregnation, based in Sofia, Bulgaria, pressure-treated the wood with Tanalith E, combined with the colour additive Tanatone, before handing it on to the contractors. This protection will preserve the bench against the damp atmosphere and severe winters at the lakeside.

“Uvix stated “Tanalith E protection was chosen by the contractors because of its quality and reputation. We knew that it could stand up to the heavy use that the bench will get in a public area, and the attractive finish provided by the combination of the Tanalith E and colour additive meant that the contractor did not need to apply any additional decorative coatings on site, such as stains or varnishes. Since the official opening of the bench in June it is already being used for a wide range of community activities.”

The bench runs along the path that surrounds Park Svoboda (Island of Freedom), on an island in the Maritsa river, in the 16th century town of Pazardzhik, Southern Bulgaria. It is made from Bulgarian beech and pine, and has wooden seats and wooden armrests on a concrete base. The World Records Academy has recognised this as the world’s longest continuous wooden bench. It was designed by the Bulgiarian architect Dimitar Boyukliev and built by contractors Vodno Stopanstvo, with funding from local businesses and the Bulgarian government.

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