Tamworth Manufacturer halves waste to landfill.

Staffordshire manufacturer, Instarmac Group plc, has recorded a massive 51% reduction in their waste to landfill, securing yet more recognition for their endless environmental commitment.

Instarmac, incorporating their Ultracrete, Ultrascape, Ultra Tile and Ultra Floor brands, have astonishingly more than halved their waste to landfill as part of their dedication to reducing their environmental impact – a massive feat for a manufacturing company in any sector. 

The company’s commitment to environmental best practice and positive engagement in recycling initiatives has meant real enthusiasm for meeting ‘green targets’.  Boasting a lengthy list of environmental programmes that have included transparent waste stream development, investment in solar and wind powered energy, and even providing shredded paper for use at local Twycross Zoo to keep the animals warm in winter – means that Instarmac’s environmental projects  are bringing real results.

Instarmac have received ongoing recognition for their environmental and sustainability schemes, as well as their projects to boost lean efficiency.  The most recent accolade comes from UK’s FeRFA (Resin Flooring Association) where they were shortlisted for an ‘Environmental Initiative’ award.  For two years running the company won the same award presented by The Tile Association, for their waste stream processes, recycling and green ethics which involve every member of staff, not just the business as a whole.  Recognition from these industry sectors is a glowing example that their efforts are recognised in practice, and not just on paper.

Instarmac’s employees are aware of their responsibilities towards reducing their environmental impact both collectively and individually.  By utilising Kaizen techniques they have reviewed, defined, implemented, controlled and reduced their landfill waste by this outstanding 51%.

Kaizen stands for ‘continuous improvement’; it derives from the Japanese words ‘Kai’ and ‘Zen’ meaning ‘change’ and ‘good’ respectively.  The technique involves a number of employees from various levels working as a team to achieve a goal.  Kaizen events have defined current handling of waste and looked at ways to improve by using process awareness and by seeking better controls to dispose of all material types, reducing general landfill waste and associated costs.  Investment in Kaizen techniques has meant Instarmac is leading the way for lean efficiency in the local area.

Darren Gough, QHSE Manager said: “I am delighted we have reduced our landfill waste by such a huge percentage in a short space of time.  We are now looking towards achieving zero waste to landfill.”  

Instarmac Group plc began from humble beginnings over 30 years ago, when late Chairman Charles Hudson, manufactured, packed, sold and contracted an innovative cold lay asphalt for the filling of potholes.  Now Instarmac is a local success story, turning over approximately £30 million.  Their Permanent Pothole Repair product is the only HAPAS approved (Highways Authority Product Approval Scheme) pothole repair product available and is leading the crusade to fill the backlog of potholes across the UK and Ireland, and even around the globe.

Future projects to promote sustainability and increase efficiency are already underway with investment in a state of the art warehouse management system, and a business plan that focuses on further investment in environmentally friendly packaging and raw materials.

For further information on Instarmac Group plc, and for updated employment opportunities, please visit www.instarmac.co.uk.

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