Taking the Tough Option with DELTA MS-500

Benefits offered with the Delta MS-500 cavity drainage membrane from Delta Membrane Systems include resistance to chemicals and root penetration, and neutrality with drinking water.

Ideally suited for use in refurbishment or creation of basements, this product is part of the Delta System 500 package for basement work.

It also offers an efficient and cost-effective alternative to traditional sub-base courses made from lean concrete.

Made from high density polyethylene, MS-500 is a 0.6mm thick membrane with 8mm studs, allowing water to effectively drain. The drainage capacity is 135 litres/min., or 8,100 litres/hr..

The construction provides more than 1,800 dimples/m2, giving an air volume between the studs of about 5.3 litres/m2.

This dimpled sheeting protects foundation wall waterproofing against mechanical damage. It offers a compressive strength of greater than 250kN/m2.

It can also be used externally for waterproof protection of sub-ground structures.

Capable of operating effectively in temperatures ranging from -30 to +80OC, the sheet has an elasticity modulus of 1,500N/mm2.

While it is lightweight and easy to install, MS-500 is able to withstand the traffic of workers and wheelbarrows, and it safely supports the strip-shaped reinforcement mesh spacers.

Apart from its structural and construction benefits, MS-500 is also particularly easy to install. It may be laid quickly straight from the roll – with no need for additional equipment or excavation. Roll size options are 2.4 and 2m x 20m, with a flat edge of 70mm on one side for overlap.

Delta MS-500 is just one product from an extensive range of solutions offered by Delta Membrane Systems for sub-base courses in a variety of applications.

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