Taking the Right Steps to Combat Fire

Already established as offering a market-leading range of aluminium and wooden access stairways which are the preferred choice of the worldwide architectural and construction industries, UK-based Premier Loft Ladders has enhanced its range of loft ladders with a selection of stairways with fire resistant casings for industrial, commercial and domestic applications.

Announcing this latest development, Tim Wakeley of Premier Loft Ladders said:

“We have already achieved our position in the market as the supplier of superbly engineered concertina style aluminium and folding or sliding style wooden loft and access ladders that lead the field in design, technology, energy efficiency and quality. Now, we have gone one step further with the addition of fire resistant casings options to four stairways within our popular Classic and Supreme ranges, all of which are manufactured to EN 14975 and fire resistant to DIN 4102 Part 2.”

Classic Twinsafe F30 stairway

Available either as a 3 part folding or 2 part sliding wooden ladder, the Classic Twinsafe F30 stairway, made from specially selected kiln dried pine, is a ready to fit unit fitted to a counter-balance sprung wooden trapdoor when not in use. With a handrail ready fitted as standard, the ladder is simple and easy to use. The treads are 360mm wide and 80 mm deep and have a non-slip profile and the hatchbox is constructed from 16 mm thick chipboard. The trapdoor is fire resistant to 30 minutes, insulated and constructed from a fire resistant board to the underside and upper surface, with an insulation infill sandwiched between the two to give an overall thickness of 46 mm.

The insulation U value of the trapdoor is 0.8W/m2K and the load bearing per tread is 150 kgs. The trapdoor can be overpainted on site. The standard dimensions are 1200 mm (long) x 600 mm (wide), 1200 mm x 700mm, 1300 mm x 700 mm and 1400 mm x 700mm. The floor to underside of the ceiling range is 2220 mm to 2860 mm.

Supreme stairway with steel hatchbox and trapdoor available with two trapdoor options - fire resistant to 30 minutes or 90 minutes

A concertina style strong, ready to fit stairway manufactured from high strength die-cast aluminium alloy components. The stairway is attached to a 1.5 mm steel hatchbox, and a trapdoor made from two layers of 1.5 mm steel infilled with 38 mm of mineral wool for the 30 minute and 75 mm for the 90 minute.

There is a 29mm wide lip to the bottom of the lining around the external edge which is designed to butt up against the ceiling to help prevent flame and smoke ingress. Similarly, a lip to the bottom of the steel trapdoor extends to within 15 mm of the lip on the lining.

The floor to underside of ceiling height is up to 4300 mm and there’s a minimum opening length requirement of 780 mm, which varies according to the floor to ceiling height, and a minimum width requirement of 595 mm. The load bearing per tread is 200 kgs. CAD drawings for the steel hatchbox F30 and F90 are available on the Premier web site (www.premierloftladders.co.uk).

Supreme stairway with wooden hatchbox and insulated trapdoor F30

A ready to fit unit manufactured to the same high specification as the Supreme models with a steel hatchbox and trapdoor, this stairway is attached to a wooden hatchbox and insulated trapdoor coated with Pyorex, fire resistant to F30.

For all three Supreme stairways, customers can specify their own finished requirements. Generally they are finished 15 mm or 20 mm under the opening length and 15 mm under the opening width to allow an easy fit. Each has a load bearing per tread of 200 kgs.

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