Taking the lead for energy-efficient housebuilding

A Redland PV 800 solar roofing system is on every one of the new homes being built in Cliburn village, Cumbria by local independent eco-build company Eden Frame.

The first family to live in such a house has already claimed the photovoltaic (PV) solar roof system manufactured by Lafarge Roofing has generated more than half their total electricity needs during their first 12 months of living in the home. The array of Redland PV800 panels generates 2.8kWp and was installed by Sundog Energy of Penrith.

With looks to match their extra-high energy efficiency, these remarkable Eden Frame homes sell before they leave the local architect Stephen Crichton’s drawing board - never mind, before they’re built. "We’re proving clever eco-design not only works for energy efficiency, it also sells homes fast" said co-founding Eden Frame partner, Trevor Lowis.

The Redland PV800 and PV80 photovoltaic tile systems are compatible with a wide range of tiles and slates and with their sleek looks and integrated fit they offer an attractive alternative to awkward looking “bolt-on” PV panels. By fitting a building with a Lafarge PV Tile System you can generate environmentally friendly electricity without compromising on design.

As well as spoiling the clean looks of the roof, bolt-on systems are also susceptible to wind uplift and can compromise the roof’s ability to keep the rain out. Lafarge Roofing’s PV systems are backed by their unique 15-year guarantee for weathertightness, based on the British Standards and a long history of roofing experience.

"We’ve developed the technology with a clear focus on housing, simply because we are in no doubt this should be the natural home of PV to really take off in Britain," says Lafarge Roofing spokesman Stuart Pocock. "The best results not only mean getting the best energy production performance from the solar panels, but also eliminating any compromise in what the base roof is intended to do in the first place for the home - and that’s to keep out the weather."

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