Taking the Fast Road to Landscaping Success – Green-tech

With a range of awards and recognitions for their sustainable soil, turnover breaking results and new opportunities for employees the past 12 months to the end of September 2007 has been monumental for Green-tech of York.

“This last season has been one for growth and expansion” says Richard Kay, Managing Director of Green-tech Ltd. “We have broken the £5million turnover ceiling, expanded our range of gt own brands to offer competitive alternatives demanded by the market and expanded our employee numbers. This coming season will see greater focus on our gt green-tree topsoil, with the appointment of a dedicated Business Development Manager. In the 2006/7 season we achieved major recognition for the gt green-tree sustainable soil range, winning Environmental Product of the year for the National Recycling Awards, “highly commended” in the Horticultural Week Awards and just last month we were finalists for two categories in the inaugural Green Construction Awards. Altogether a monumental year to shout about!”

“Given the vagaries of the weather this year it is a testament to the hard work of the sales team, in conjunction with the dedication of our despatch and warehousing staff, that we have achieved our highest sales figures ever,” says Mark Whiting, Sales & Marketing Director. “We have also further increased our presence in the Irish market following a second very successful Co. Kildare show, appointed a Marketing Manager to help deliver our blend of promotional aspirations, engaged in our most wide-ranging customer survey in our history by polling feedback from 1200 customers. If that isn’t enough we have just finished purpose-built new offices to cope with the expanding business.”

As of October 2007, Alan Waymouth was appointed to the board of Green-tech Ltd. Alan has worked at Green-tech for over eleven years, and is UK Sales Manager, responsible for twelve Technical Sales Representatives. Last year a new warehouse at the York sales & distribution centre was named after him: “The Waymouth Warehouse”. “I am delighted with the directorship, Green-tech has grown significantly over the last 14 years, through hard work, innovation and launching new products. We are always at the forefront of the landscaping industry and provide excellent customer service and advice through our dedicated technical sales team.”

Green-tech are currently looking to expand their team, with the appointment of a Business Development Manager for the gt green-tree range of sustainable soils. For full details please visit the website www.green-tech.co.uk

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