Taking Grilling to a Whole New Level

Memories of childhood often revolve around the family kitchen, with the sight, sound and smell of even the most mundane of everyday items evoking real nostalgia when we see them again.  Arguably one of the most memorable kitchen appliances is the high-level grill, the mainstay of so many kitchens in the 60’s and 70’s. Remembered fondly, not only for how it looked but, more importantly, for how well it worked - those things were really useful!

So, like all of the best ideas, the high level grill has come back around again – this time in the shape of the hi-GRILL. The same basic principles are all there, it’s a high level, foldaway, wall mounted electric grill but a sleeker, cleaner and more efficient version of its predecessor. The hi-GRILL has a classic style that complements both contemporary or more traditional kitchen designs. What’s more, it is a wholly British designed and manufactured product, superbly crafted and hand built in the Welsh Valleys.

The product designer, Robin Gibson has a wealth of experience in the market, having spent many years selling the leading brand in the world of range cookers. “'The hi-GRILL came about after so many people asked me specifically about this type of product. To me it was quite simple - why not design, manufacture and sell it?  So I did.'

So why grill? The health benefits of grilled food are well known and in an increasingly health conscious society we would all benefit from embracing grill power. Grilling food allows the fat to drip off into the grill pan, making grilled food less fatty than food cooked using other methods. Also, oils and fats are not generally used in grilling, making grilled food additionally healthier.

Why hi-GRILL?  Hi-GRILL is the ideal grilling solution for owners of AGAs and other heat store cookers; perfect for serious cooks who want to grill to professional standards. The sheer speed of heat of the hi-GRILL gives that distinct finish to cooking meats, sealing off salmon and steak perfectly, caramelising rich brown sugar to top the perfect crème brulee as well as delivering a healthy take on the Full English.

The entire appliance is built to work around the cook, with three grill-pan heights giving greater cooking versatility and variable power control.  In addition, its position at eye level makes it easy to ensure your bacon is always perfectly crisp and never hopelessly charred.  As a wall-mounted, foldaway appliance, the hi-GRILL maximises valuable kitchen space whilst providing a large cooking area when in use.

Easy to keep clean, the hi-GRILL has a durable wipe clean stainless steel and enamel interior, but is also trimmed with chrome and stainless steel – both practical and pleasing to the eye. The built-in drip and crumb tray makes cleaning up after the most hectic of meal times easy, and the unique in-door grill pan storage system means that the grill is always ready-to-use, but also neatly stored at all times.

Convenience and performance is not enough in kitchen design, products have also to be aesthetically pleasing and the hi-GRILL certainly delivers on this. Designed with safety in mind and keeping it easy on the eye, the hi-GRILL can be hard wired, hiding all of the wiring and is available in five classic colours to complement most tastes and colour schemes.

Far more than just a grill thing, the hi-GRILL looks set to open up a whole new world of culinary possibilities whilst making grilling easier and more convenient than ever before.

You’ll be surprised at how much you’ve missed it.

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