Taking a look through….the coloured window

The timber specialists at Scotts of Thrapston are witnessing a revolution in how windows are now being used to define a property. Developers up and down the country are increasingly turning to Scotts to design and manufacture timber windows of distinction, and, most interestingly, windows with frames in varying colours.

In a break from the norm, Scotts of Thrapston is supplying stunning windows painted and stained in a variety of colours other than white; Gardenia and off-whites, through to greens, black, yellows and a palette of pastel shades are now regularly leaving the factory.

Ian Hodgkin is the general manager of Scotts joinery division, he says: “Windows can definitely ‘make’ a property and developers are viewing the investment made in window design and manufacture as offering a very valuable return. This is especially the case in the return of timber as the preferred material for window design and manufacture. As the life-span of much of the old PVC and harsh materials of yester-year comes to an end, the natural elegance and durability of wood is again in high demand - people are seemingly wishing to experiment with wood and a number of paint and stain finishes, to achieve a desired effect, which is very refreshing I must say.”

And it’s not just on the outside where windows are becoming colourful, Scotts is supplying windows with complete colour combinations – the inside differing to that of the outside. “We recently made some oak windows for a customer where the inside was painted with Danish oil, highlighting the grain patterns of the wood, while the outside was painted a robust yellow. This marriage of colour and finish is something we are seeing more and more of, so as to match the wider interior and exterior joinery of a property,” remarks Ian. “We’re seeing the same happening with our exterior and interior timber doors.”

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