Switching To T8 WATT-MISERTM Gives 10% Energy Savings

The T8 Watt-MiserTM from Greenstock saves up to 10% more energy than traditional T8 lamps and can be retro-fitted to existing fittings and control gear for considerable cost and energy savings.

The lamp has been designed with a product life of 20,000 hours on electronic gear with improved reliability whilst also reducing CO2 emissions.

The reduction in cost means that the T8 Watt-MiserTM provides a faster payback than many other products on the market with annual savings from a typical installation of 1000 lamps being approximately £350 in maintenance costs and £1,500 for annual energy cost savings. Up to seven tonnes of CO2 can also be saved in a year by switching from traditional T8 lamps to the T8 Watt-MiserTM.

The energy saving T8 is available ranging from 600mm to 1800mm lengths, all with excellent colour quality of Ra 85 and a choice of different colour temperatures ranging from 3000 to 6400.

The T8 Watt-MiserTM is ideal for any indoor application from a single fitting to large-scale installations such as offices, retail outlets and public buildings.

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