#Switched2 Rewards breaks new ground

An innovative new rewards program for installers launched by Keylite in April is demonstrating how partnership marketing can work between manufacturer and merchant.

#Switched2 Rewards allocates rewards to installers for every single Keylite window they buy and claim for from now until September.

What makes this innovative is the way that the vouchers earned by the installers are only valid to spend in the merchant branch which sold the window originally.  By switching to Keylite, not only is the installer getting great value windows but a great choice of goods to spend the vouchers on.

John Duffin, Keylite MD explains: “We could have just given away vouchers for high street shops or restaurants but we wanted to deliver extra value back to the merchant as well so by directing the full value of the promotion back to the merchant’s counter we will add value in terms of added margin plus the positive effect on product sales for Keylite and its customers."

Only Keylite offer the choice of both Pine and White windows, pre-fitted with flick fit brackets and a unique expanding thermal collar for easier, faster, warmer fitting. With so much extra and now rewards, there’s never been a better time to switch to Keylite.

Find out more at switched2.com

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