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Knauf Insulation has experienced significant growth over the last decade becoming the worlds third largest insulation company. ‘Insulation matters’ is the first Group Sustainability Report 2010 from Knauf Insulation that sets out activities during 2009 and 2010 as well as how Knauf Insulation will continue to grow responsibly in the future.

Being one of the fastest growing manufacturers of insulation materials, the company’s attitude and effect on the environment in which it operates has grown, and with it, so has Knauf Insulation’s responsibility to manage these impacts responsibly. As such, the Report aims to be an honest and balanced representation of processes, actions and aims at Knauf Insulation.


Tony Robson, Group Chief Executive for Knauf Insulation says: “This Report sets out the challenges that we see the building industry facing over the coming decade, how we are evolving our product offering and range to deal with these challenges and finally, how we as a company are improving our performance.”


Knauf Insulation is constantly driving product innovation forward and leading the way in the manufacture of highly sustainable insulation products with low environmental impact for any building application. As a company, Knauf Insulation has already taken many steps towards managing its environmental and social impacts, including increasing recycled content across all its manufacturing processes, reducing energy use and decreasing road transport through increased compression factors. In addition, the company has carried out a range of activities such as welfare programmes and supporting local community initiatives. 

The Knauf Insulation Sustainability Report 2010 is available on the sustainability pages of the corporate website

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