SuperMaterial videos now online

Videos from the SuperMaterial exhibition are now available to watch on The Building Centre website and Youtube channel. 


Why matter matters — can the built environment better respond to material innovation?

Experts discuss the development of graphene, self-healing concrete and fibre-reinforced concrete,how they can be incorporated in the built environment and what makes them so unique.


Living architecture — can microorganisms help to build our cities and power them too?

Combining architecture, engineering and biology, a panel of academics and architects discuss how microorganisms are changing the way we think about sustainability and the fabric of our cities.


Harder, lighter, faster, stronger

Discover how the essential materials of buildings can perform in ways that challenge old physics. Innovation is taking place from molecular level upwards, going back in time as well as forward. 


From labs to prefabs

This event analyses the vital steps it takes to bring ideas from research to reality and explores the possibilities for future material innovation.


The air we breathe

Encounter the new thinking and new materials that can tackle air pollution. The natural approach, using trees is explored as well as ground-breaking technologies such as a natural material coating that absorbs carbon dioxide and nitrogen oxides. 

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