Superior efficiency and compact size

New copper brazed plate heat exchanger offers enhanced efficiency and reliability.

Alfa Laval’s new CB60 copper brazed plate heat exchanger manages to provide higher thermal efficiency within a smaller heat transfer area which adds up to an overall increase in performance capacity compared to its predecessors. The exchanger is ideal for applications in District Heating, general heating and cooling duties and tap water heating solutions.

Since the new CB60 offers less pressure drop, power consumption is also reduced. A range of different plate patterns are available within the same compact shape, which means that the exchanger can be tailored with some precision for individual duties. But, since the CB60 retains the same basic interface as its predecessors, replacing old with new should present no problems.

With an even more compact shape, the gasket-free exchangers can be squeezed into tight corners, even when space is severely limited. With no gaskets and, therefore reduced risk of leaks, they are ideal for duties featuring either high temperatures or pressures, or a combination of both.

Alfa Laval is the world’s leading manufacturer of brazed plate heat exchangers. This translates into solid experience in designing units that effectively withstand the structural stresses of high-pressure and high-temperature conditions.

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