Superglass announce another new Robust Detail

Superglass is delighted to announce yet another addition to the Robust Detail Handbook. RDL have approved the use of Plasmor’s Aglite Ultima as an alternative block type within our recently announced Robust Detail E-WM-22.


At 1050kg/m³, Aglite Ultima falls out with the allowable density range (1350-1600kg/m³) for E-WM-22. However the results of acoustic testing submitted to RDL were good enough for this block to be included in our existing RD.


An update to the Handbook is now not due again until later this year, therefore this amendment to E-WM-22 will only be visible on the Robust Detail website. RDL will accept plot registrations effective now and a letter of compliance is available either from Superglass or Robust Details themselves.


This is exciting news for many of our customers who already stock this lightweight, thermally efficient block. The Superglass Sales Team will be speaking to branch managers, sales reps and trade counter staff in the coming weeks, telling them all about this excellent opportunity for add-on sales.

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