Summer success for Altecnic

Business is booming at Altecnic as sales of its innovative water saving device soared over the summer.

The UK’s leading supplier of plumbing equipment saw sales of its Calflow Plus water regulator increase by 30 percent during July and August as plumbers realised the business boosting potential of the clever device.

Chris Ramster, Altecnic sales director commented: “In this day and age everyone is looking at ways to economise and Calflow Plus is a fantastic way for plumbers to promote the cost-saving benefits of water efficiency. We’ve seen a massive increase in sales over the past couple of months as both the private and public sector realise the benefits of installing these simple to fit devices.”

Altecnic’s patented water flow regulator and isolation valve, Calflow Plus, is quick and easy to install and has been developed to the highest Italian standards, earning WRAs approval and the Waterwise marque. The clever device incorporates a filtration mesh that helps prevent debris entering and damaging valves. It can aid even distribution in a multi-outlet new build and is available in a wide range of flow regulators capable of delivering between 2-18 litres per minute and operating up to an inlet pressure of 16 bar.

This proven technology uses a robust cartridge system, designed with installers in mind, making simple cleaning and routine maintenance easy. With optional check valve cartridges, installing the Calflow Plus can help ensure that future disruption is minimised.

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